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Terri Ross
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The Aesthetic Industry’s Premier Sales Training Expert Strategic Growth Consultant, Author, and International Speaker

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A Unicorn Among Aesthetic Industry Consulting and Sales Training Companies

  • Hands-on, real-world experience as Managing Partner in a Beverly Hills Medical Spa that sold to Skin Spirit
  • Proven track record with tried-and-true methodologies which have yielded 2800% growth and millions in revenue for hundreds of practices worldwide
  • Fortune 500 experience leading national sales teams
  • Dynamic, international electrifying speaker and expert sales trainer who captivates audiences with her know-how, business acumen, and motivational style

150+ 6-7 Figure Clients

500+ Speaking Engagements

30000 Podcast Downloads

2800% Practice Growth

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Terri Ross
Terri Ross

Meet Terri Ross

Aesthetic Industry Key Opinion Leader and World-Renowned Speaker, Author, Coach, and Growth Strategist

Terri Ross is a world-renowned key opinion leader in the medical aesthetics industry.

“My why behind everything I do is my sincere desire to share my knowledge, expertise, and experience so you can succeed and thrive in this amazing industry we’ve all chosen as our career path… and to set an example for my daughter that hard work, integrity, and life-long learning are the keys to making your vision a reality.”

—terri Ross

  • Aesthetic industry expert and thought leader
  • Founder and CEO, Terri Ross Consulting
  • Founder, APX Platform
  • Co-Founder, 4S Summit
  • Practice growth consultant & sales trainer for medical aesthetic practices worldwide
  • International speaker at 20+ Aesthetic Society Conferences
  • Featured on the cover of Top Doctor Magazine
  • Podcast Host, “In Touch with Terri: Trade Secrets for Medical Aesthetics”
  • Contributing Author for 5+ Aesthetic Publications
  • Sought-after, dynamic keynote speaker and podcast guest
  • Guest Speaker, Johns Hopkins Plastic Surgery Residency Program
  • Advisory Board Member, GetHairMD™
  • Advisory Board, New Beauty
  • Advisor for the Quad A Non-Surgical Task Force for MedSpa Accreditation
  • Featured Speaker, BTL
  • Corporate Sales Trainer

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Like the aesthetic providers and corporations she now trains, Terri spent decades honing her craft in the cutthroat medical sales industry. She quickly rose to the top of the industry, directing biopharmaceutical and aesthetic medical sales across the western U.S. for Fortune 500 companies. She soon realized the urgent need for her sales methods in the world of independent aesthetic and plastic surgery practices, developing a replicable method to help them refine their businesses and achieve scalable growth.


As a consultant, Terri delivers intense, effective training for aesthetic practices with rapid turnaround times. Relentlessly focused on what works, Terri helps her clients eliminate ineffective practices, streamline operations, and increase profitability while enhancing the patient experience. Terri can help put your practice on the MAP, with her signature “Make Aesthetics Profitable” process.

She Partners With

Terri understands the inner workings of the medical aesthetics industry from all angles from her years crafting successful medical aesthetic sales strategies: from start-ups to established titans of the industry. She works with both large aesthetic corporations and independent medical spas, plastic surgery practices, cosmetic dermatologists, and all aesthetic practices; developing unique solutions to their sales hurdles and helping them achieve their financial goals.

Unique Vision

What makes Terri different? Vision. Experience. Results. Early in her career, Terri developed a singular vision for success in the aesthetic industry. She spent years refining that vision to generate massive success for her companies and clients. Today, she shares that vision with audiences all over the world, and individual aesthetic practices who retain her services. 

“Terri is an innovator and visionary.”

—Paul S. Nassif, MD, FACS

“Terri helped us increase revenue by over $2.5M in one year!”

—Paco Canales, MD & Heather Furnas, MD, FACS, Plastic Surgery Associates & Allegro Medical Spa

“Terri’s training improved employee sales skills, increasing practice revenue by $2M in the first 2 years”


TRC International

Terri Ross’ proven methods work anywhere aesthetics practices open their doors, from SoCal to South Africa. That's where Terri recently shared her unique method of aesthetic practice growth with Skin Renewal South Africa, which operates close to two dozen locations throughout the country.

Any practice. Anywhere. TRC is there to help your business grow.



Terri Ross knows how to create a smooth, seamless experience from the top of the sales funnel to increased lifetime value and cycle of repeat business. Terri’s proven methods result in increased sales, an improved client experience and more profitable businesses.

Her step-by-step methods, passion for success, disruptive ideas, and relentless entrepreneurial spirit propel her collaborations with aesthetic practices and companies, leading to spectacular results. Terri’s professional associations and experience helping launch genre-defining medical devices like CoolSculpting® have made her a highly sought-after business consultant for aesthetic practices. Terri Ross offers distinct programs to help you launch or grow your medical aesthetic or plastic surgery practice. She and her team bring a combined 50 years of experience achieving over 2800% growth with clients in the most competitive markets in the world, in addition to launching over 100 new medical practices across the country.

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Hear the amazing results directly from her clients.

Terri has 20 years of experience in the medical aesthetic space, in addition to working with Fortune 500 medical device companies. She has helped many of her clients achieve over 2.5 million in annual revenue growth and beyond.

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"I have known and worked with many consultants in the aesthetics space, and I must say Terri is a stand-out and an expert in the industry. She is well versed in the business of aesthetic medicine, med-spas, patient concerns and medical technology. Terri is smart, efficient, professional and personable and would be an asset to aesthetic providers and practices."

— Robert Singer, MD, FACS

Terri Ross with model
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"As a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with an evolving practice, it is imperative for me to base my day-to-day operations on a solid structure that promotes efficient workflow and will not only maintain but also increase prosperity. This requires an intricate combination of expertise and private practice consulting experience that I would entrust to only the most capable and detail-oriented individual. I was introduced to Terri Ross a number of years ago and did not hesitate to bring her on board as a catalyst in an effort to improve the order within my practice. She has since turned things around in a capacity that I did not previously believe was possible, and continues to make my business operations flourish. Terri’s ideas are unparalleled. Her visions have provided direction to my employees and have allowed them to make the best use of their unique skill sets. This has highlighted the employees’ inner strengths and encouraged the most effective contributions possible through their role in the practice. Terri is an innovator and visionary who has the innate ability to create order in every situation she has been presented with. She has played a pivotal role in the success of my practice. Working with her over the years has been motivating and inspirational, and I look forward to continuing to have her as a part of my team."

— Paul S. Nassif, MD, FACS

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“Our journey with Terri Ross has been TRANSFORMATIONAL. Her dynamic energy and depth of knowledge about sales training left a deep impression on me. Terri’s unique approach in creating treatment and compensation plans and how to create and use meaningful collateral materials during the consultation has elevated our clients’ five-star patient experience during consultations.

“The impact of Terri’s training was evident. In just one quarter:

  • Total sales increased by over 10%
  • Package sales by 30%
  • Items within the packages by an impressive 61%"

— Julie Acarregui - Founder | Pure Medical Spa

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“After 29 years of private practice in plastic surgery and 13 years with a medical spa, I have seen my share of consultants. Terri Ross Consulting provides an incredible amount of actionable information and useful practical advice, whether you are new to the business or have been around for a long time. Her podcasts, online consulting , direct advice and practice resources are a wealth of information to all of us in the aesthetic industry. I cannot recommend Terri Ross highly enough. She knows her stuff, helps you analyze your spa/practice in ways that are clear and concise. Thank you Terri. So glad we made the move to use your company and your services!”

— Francisco Canales, MD

Terri Ross with model

Discover New Paths
to Success

Help your aesthetic practice optimize efficiency, improve employee productivity, and increase profitability through a Growth Accelerator Call with Terri Ross. Whether you are just starting out or looking to improve your existing medical aesthetic or plastic surgery practice, Terri Ross Consulting can help you identify the tools, services, and training you need to launch, grow, or scale. We’ve worked with hundreds of practices just like yours to increase operational and employee efficiency and practice profitability.

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Terri Ross
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A keynote speaker at esteemed medical aesthetic and plastic surgery conferences around the world, Terri provides the industry with keynote talks on sales training, the financial health of your practice, revenue growth strategies, and much more. She shares this across her social media and expert podcast.

Listen to the Podcast on these channels

Terri Ross Welcomes Julie Acarregui on her podcast “In Touch with Terri”

Terri Ross doing an interview

Join host Terri Ross in an insightful episode of 'In Touch with Terri' as she welcomes Julie Acarregui, the founder and medical director of Pure Medical Spa. With a distinguished career as a Registered Nurse Anesthetist and a decade-long service as an army veteran, Julie's journey unfolds from clinical provider to business luminary, becoming the top Sculptra injector in Idaho and a national trainer for Galderma Aesthetic Injector Network (GAIN). From navigating economic challenges to mastering team training and compensation restructuring, Julie shares invaluable insights on scaling med spa operations. Discover the significance of consistent learning, strategic decision-making, and standardized consultation processes in achieving entrepreneurial success. Tune in for expert advice, notable quotes, and valuable resources to thrive in the dynamic realm of medical aesthetics.

Terri Ross
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Sales and Business Mastery Workshop

Join Terri Ross at the 4S Summit

Don’t miss your chance to get the complete TRC experience live and in person, surrounded by fellow industry leaders who are just as passionate about success as you are. Founded by industry key opinion leaders Dr. Renato Saltz, Terri Ross, and Izhak Musli, this in-depth, intensive two-and-a-half-day incubator will challenge, enlighten, and empower you to take your practice to new heights. Join the 4S Summit and get the tools and techniques you need to master the business of aesthetics.

Terri built APX to help medical aesthetic businesses refine their processes from the ground up to better serve patients without sacrificing profits. From questions regarding training and analytics to maximizing productivity, APX’s innovative platform provides guidance and solutions to help your practice thrive.

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Terri Ross with client

Practices Made Perfect

Terri Ross is a world-renowned key opinion leader in the medical aesthetics industry.

Her step-by-step methods, passion for success, disruptive ideas, and relentless entrepreneurial spirit propel her collaborations with aesthetic practices. When you work with Terri, you’re infusing your business with a growth catalyst proven to generate life-changing results.

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Join Terri’s Tribe and get ready to revolutionize your aesthetic practice. The aesthetic industry is constantly evolving, and the discussions on Terri’s social channels are a great way to keep up to date on the industry’s latest innovations. Welcome to the new aesthetic.

Optimize Your Business

Terri Ross can take your business or company to the next level of success. Whether you’re looking for an exclusive strategy session, private coaching engagement or onsite sales training for your team, Terri has proven methods to help you achieve exponential growth in this incredibly competitive market. Looking to motivate, inspire, and impact your team? Book Terri as a keynote speaker for your next event.


Terri Ross