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Terri Ross
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Practice Made Perfect

Aesthetic Industry Speaker, Corporate Sales Trainer, and Practice Consultant & Strategist

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Grant Stevens welcomes Terri Ross on the latest episode of his podcast "The Technology of Beauty"

The latest episode of Grant Stevens' podcast "The Technology of Beauty" has just dropped! Terri Ross, Industry KOL, Founder and CEO of Terri Ross Consulting, Founder and Co-CEO of APX Platform and Co-Founder of 4S Summit and President of Engage joins Grant to discuss the Practice Performance System; known as APX but with the merger how the combination of patient engagement, training, analytics and coaching are the key to scaling your aesthetic practice in 2024 and beyond.


Renowned plastic surgeon and aesthetics industry entrepreneur, Dr. Grant Stevens, brings you The Technology of Beauty — your new source for the very latest in aesthetic technology. On this podcast, Dr. Stevens will give listeners a look into his world, through exclusive interviews with the doctors, founders, inventors, and scientists who are shaping the future of aesthetics.

150+ 6-7 Figure Clients

500+ Speaking Engagements

30000 Podcast Downloads

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“Terri is an innovator and visionary.”

—Paul S. Nassif, MD, FACS

“increased profits and growth by 112%”

—Leslie Howard Stevens, MD — The Lasky Clinic

“The course packs a punch, and I highly recommend it!”

—Dr. Paco Canales, MD - Allegro Medical Spa

Terri Ross
Terri Ross Consulting office

Meet Terri Ross


Terri Ross is a world-renowned key opinion leader in the medical aesthetics industry.

Her step-by-step methods, passion for success, disruptive ideas, and relentless entrepreneurial spirit propel her collaborations with aesthetic practices, leading to spectacular results.

Terri’s professional associations and experience helping launch genre-defining medical devices like CoolSculpting have made her a highly sought-after business consultant for aesthetic practices. An official partner and trainer for AmSpa, Terri Ross offers distinct programs to help you launch or grow your medical aesthetic or plastic surgery practice. She and her team bring a combined 50 years of experience achieving over 2800% growth with clients in the most competitive markets in the world, in addition to launching over 100 new medical practices across the country.

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Industry Leading Services


Terri Ross knows how to create a smooth, seamless experience from the top of the sales funnel to the virtuous cycle of repeat business. As an author, consultant, keynote event speaker, and thought leader, Terri thrives when sharing her insights and replicable strategies with like-minded groups who are passionate about success. Terri’s proven methods result in happier, more loyal clients, better reviews, and more profitable businesses.


Hear the amazing results directly from her clients.

Terri Ross has over a decade of experience in the medical aesthetics practice sector, in addition to working with Fortune 500 medical device companies. She has helped her clients achieve 2800% revenue growth and beyond.

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“After 29 years of private practice in plastic surgery and 13 years with a medical spa, I have seen my share of consultants. Terri Ross Consulting provides an incredible amount of actionable information and useful practical advice, whether you are new to the business or have been around for a long time. Her podcasts, online consulting , direct advice and practice resources are a wealth of information to all of us in the aesthetic industry. I cannot recommend Terri Ross highly enough. She knows her stuff, helps you analyze your spa/practice in ways that are clear and concise. Thank you Terri. So glad we made the move to use your company and your services!”

— Francisco Canales, MD

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"I am deeply grateful to God for this new season where it has allowed us to grow, improve and given us victory against all odds, this year the change and improvements have been impressive. Our clients have noticed the difference in the improvement of our service and the new details, and I cannot be more proud and happy. I am sure that the best decision I could have made at the Las Vegas congress was to invest in our education and training. These 3 months with you led us to understand and grow on a large scale, and we have not yet begun to see the fruits of that effort. I want to express my deep appreciation for your time, willingness and tools that you have given us."

— Olam Med Spa

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“Some people come into your life for a season and other people come into your life for a reason. When I met Terri Ross in January, I took a full leap of faith in my business, shifted my BELIEF, my entire perspective. Words can’t describe how it feels to stand on the shoulders of giants. God I don’t know why you chose me to lead in this moment, but I have done my best to stay around the right people, do the right thing, so I can walk in your grace. I AM GRATEFUL for the present and the future of my JOURNEY. Stay grateful, always, never be afraid to express your gratitude for the people that are truly in your corner. The minute you start taking credit for your success is the minute you lose it."

— Gabriela Rodriguez

Terri Ross with model

A thought leader in the medical aesthetics sector

When you work with Terri Ross to optimize your business, you are in good company. Leading medical device companies and private practices alike have turned to Terri Ross to ensure the success of their businesses and product rollouts. She has worked with more than 150 six and seven-figure clients throughout her career, delivered more than 300 speaking engagements, and her podcast, “In Touch With Terri,” has tens of thousands of loyal listeners.

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Terri Ross
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A keynote speaker at esteemed medical aesthetic and plastic surgery conferences around the world, Terri provides the industry with keynote talks on sales training, the financial health of your practice, revenue growth strategies, and much more. She shares this across her social media and expert podcast.

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Terri Ross
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In 2021, Terri Ross founded the APX Platform business intelligence suite. This first-of-its-kind cloud solution finally solves the challenge facing aesthetic practice owners across the globe: how to effectively increase EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY as well as PRACTICE PROFITABILITY.

Terri built APX to help medical aesthetic businesses refine their processes from the ground up to better serve patients without sacrificing profits. From questions regarding training and analytics to maximizing productivity, APX’s innovative platform provides guidance and solutions to help your practice thrive.

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Expert Practice Management Consulting

Help your aesthetic practice optimize efficiency, improve employee productivity, and increase profitability through a custom strategy session.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to improve your existing medical aesthetic or plastic surgery practice, Terri Ross Consulting provides you with the expert advice, tools, services, and training you need to launch, grow, or scale. We’ve worked with hundreds of practices just like yours to develop systems and processes that have proven to increase operational and employee efficiency and practice profitability.

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Join Terri’s Tribe and get ready to revolutionize your aesthetic practice. The aesthetic industry is constantly evolving, and the discussions on Terri’s social channels are a great way to keep up to date on the industry’s latest innovations. Welcome to the new aesthetic.

Optimize Your Business

Terri Ross can take your business to new levels, whether you’re looking for exclusive private strategy sessions, corporate sales training, or a keynote speaker for the next major aesthetic event. Book Terri Ross today to take the first steps in giving your business the tools it needs to succeed in this incredibly competitive landscape.

Terri Ross