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Terri Ross Consulting LLC

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Hear the results and success directly from Terri’s clients.

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“Terri! I cry tears of joy every time I see your beautiful name! I actually attended the last 4S in September, and you tiny little angel on the stage changed my life. I was hanging on your every word and cannot tell you how much your sales training transformed my thinking and how I run my start up med spa.

I'm brand new to the industry and so overwhelmed, and often want to give up. But then you and your brilliance lift me up and I do exactly what you say - for example, charging $75 for consultations seemed insane. But your conviction was so strong I knew I had to try. BOOM. You. Changed. Everything. Sorry to gush, but your guidance and how generously you share vour wisdom just mean so very much to me.

I'm working with Vanessa and Jasmine to figure out how to get more plugged in since I haven't fully taken advantage of my APX membership. But I am ready to 100% dive in now and commit to learning from you, especailly at the upcoming conference.

THANK YOU for all that you do to lift up med spa owners across the country. You are AMAZING!!”

-Catharine Sanders

“As a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with an evolving practice, it is imperative for me to base my day-to-day operations on a solid structure that promotes efficient workflow and will not only maintain but also increase prosperity. This requires an intricate combination of expertise and private practice consulting experience that I would entrust to only the most capable and detail-oriented individual. I was introduced to Terri Ross a number of years ago, and did not hesitate to bring her on board as a catalyst in an effort to improve the order within my practice. She has since turned things around in a capacity that I did not previously believe was possible, and continues to make my business operations flourish. Terri’s ideas are unparalleled. Her visions have provided direction to my employees and have allowed them to make the best use of their unique skill sets. This has highlighted the employees’ inner strengths and encouraged the most effective contributions possible through their role in the practice. Terri is an innovator and visionary who has the innate ability to create order in every situation she has been presented with. She has played a pivotal role in the success of my practice. Working with her over the years has been motivating and inspirational, and I look forward to continuing to have her as a part of my team.”

-Paul S. Nassif, MD, FACS

“Terri Ross is a force of nature with a unique style all her own. Our team of seasoned professionals with hundreds of years of combined, successful experience as experts in the aesthetic field had the benefit of listening to Terri present at our annual sales meeting. It takes a lot to impress them and even more to have them taking notes vociferously during a presentation. She was able to accomplish this due to her years of real world sales management experience that demonstrated that she is the real deal, and knows what she is talking about. Terri was able to provide significant and measurable advice that was eminently useful and transferable into their work as trainers, sales professionals, and managers. One measure of her riveting presentation, we did not see one-person even glance at their phones while she presented.”

-Carol and Rob Trow, Owners, DermaConcepts USA

“After 29 years of private practice in plastic surgery and 13 years with a medical spa, I have seen my share of consultants. Terri Ross Consulting provides an incredible amount of actionable information and useful practical advice, whether you are new to the business or have been around for a long time. Her podcasts online consulting, direct advice and practice resources are a wealth of information to all of us in the aesthetic industry. I cannot recommend Terri Ross highly enough. She knows her stuff, helps you analyze your spa/practice in ways that are clear and concise. Thank you Terri. So glad we made the move to use your company and your services!”

-Francisco Canales

“I had the great fortune of hearing Terri Ross speak at our national sales meeting. The word ‘electrifying’ accurately describes Terri’s talk! I literally wanted to get out there and apply the knowledge she shared ASAP! Finally, someone presenting realistic and strategic methods to get the business. Her wealth of information is invaluable. THANK YOU Terri!”

– Shawna Wiesner MLA, BFA, DermaConcepts / ENVIRON Skin Care/GlycoAla, National Trainer & PNW Business Development Consultant

“I highly recommend Terri Ross as a medical spas consultant. I have an established medical spa that I wanted to grow and take to the next level. Without a doubt, Terri knows all aspects of the medical spa from finances, productivity, sales, staffing, marketing, and services. She is a wealth of information and an extraordinary professional! When I contacted Terri our net profit was already on the rise due to the purchase of a new piece of equipment, but I was concerned that the novelty would wear off. Her energy and ability to communicate a strategic plan was essential to the continued growth of my practice. After 3 months of consulting with Terri Ross, I continue to maintain a net profit of 24%. My only regret is that I wished I had taken her recommendations earlier on certain topics, but I look forward to ongoing consulting and excited to see how her referrals pan out. It has been a privilege to work with someone of her caliber.”

– Gloria Peithman, CRNP, Chesapeake Laser and Skin Care Center

“I’m so happy to hear from you. I have waited to respond to your email until I had enough time to be thorough. As always, I take all of your advice to heart and make changes accordingly! You are amazing Terri, excellent at what you do! You have helped me catapult my business beyond my wildest dreams. I will NOT say it has been an easy road but with your support and guidance, I saw the light.”

– Amy Katsikas MSN, ACNS-BC, Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse, Expert Cosmetic Injector, Owner/President – Pure 111

“I have known Terri for eight years in different capacities. Initially, I met Terri when she was a regional manager working with Medicis. From the get go it was clear that Terri was focused, intelligent and willing to go the extra mile in order to achieve her objectives. In 2012 my partners and I hired Terri to consult for our Aesthetic Laser Center. Terri analyzed our entire business from the ground up and made bold recommendations that resulted in a great turn around for that business. We were so impressed with Terri that we hired her to work for us full time in the capacity of Director of Operations. Since taking the helm, our business has grown over 115% and become much more streamlined. Terri has been given the power to make virtually all of the business decisions including those regarding employees, capital investments, lease improvements and marketing strategies. I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful it has been to have such a committed, driven, loyal and versatile person working for us! Terri has gained my respect and trust and continued to deliver with well thought out analysis and plans for improving our ever-changing business landscape. She simply cannot help herself but to give 100% and when she doesn’t have an answer to something herself, Terri will aggressively seek it out from her extensive network of resources. Whatever “hat” is given to Terri she can wear it well. As part owner of a business that was performing well below its capabilities for 4 years I can unequivocally state that Terri alone is responsible for our 180 degree turn around and tremendous growth. We currently are expanding and still significant month over moth increases in gross revenues and efficiencies. Additionally, Terri is always personable and engaging, professional, punctual and generally good fun to work with.”

-Andrew S. Frankel, MD, FACS

“If I could have one wish as a business owner, it would be that all of my staff and employees were more like Teri Ross. Her drive, motivation, and knowledge of marketing and sales in a health care/ beauty related business is unsurpassed! When we hired Ms. Ross my partners and I had an aesthetic laser center that was floundering. Under her management, she not only rescued the business but increased profits and growth by 112% within only 12 months. I recommend her without reservation and I am confident that she will succeed and any task you may have.”

-Leslie Howard Stevens, MD FACS – The Lasky Clinic

“I’ve been in the aesthetic field for nearly three decades as a creative agency owner serving plastic surgeons, med spas, and wellness practices. Through the years, we’ve collaborated with many other service professionals in the industry for the mutual benefit of our shared clients, and it is from this perspective that I can say—hands-down—there is no finer, more results-driven practice growth strategist and sales team trainer than Terri Ross. Terri has a genuine energy, passion, and all-in commitment to help her clients perform at their absolute peak. It comes straight from the heart and delivers real transformation for practices in need. Her methodologies are based on hard-earned, real-world experience and has led to ceiling-shattering success for hundreds of practices. It is a fact that Terri’s consulting clients consistently outperform and outpace competitors in their markets. They are more profitable, polished, and prepared to meet change and challenge in this dynamic, ever-evolving industry. When we get to work with a practice who is also working with Terri Ross Consulting, we come to the table with deep respect. We know we are in the presence of professionals who take their business seriously and recognize the importance of investing in themselves, in order to be the very best they can be.”

-Tamara Vileta, Founder & Creative Director – Pinpoint Creative

Optimize Your Business

Terri Ross can take your business or company to the next level of success. Whether you’re looking for an exclusive strategy session, private coaching engagement or onsite sales training for your team, Terri has proven methods to help you achieve exponential growth in this incredibly competitive market. Looking to motivate, inspire, and impact your team? Book Terri as a keynote speaker for your next event.


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