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Start-Up Medical Aesthetic Practice For MedSpas & Plastic Surgeons
Terri Ross Consulting LLC

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Optimal Success Starts Here

If you are thinking about starting a med spa, it can feel overwhelming. You are likely asking yourself:

  • Is my concept feasible?
  • What are the right services and treatments I should be offering and which ones will be the most profitable?
  • How much capital will I need and how do I calculate startup costs?
  • What is the competitive landscape in my market?
  • How do I develop a financial Pro Forma?
  • How do I write a business plan that has all the necessary components for the bank to approve a loan?
  • How do I go about finding the right team and training them in sales, finance, operations, management, customer service and the areas required to run a sustainable and profitable practice?

Terri Ross and her team have taken their knowledge, expertise, and proven methodologies and simplified the process for you. You’ll get the exact blueprint of everything you need to launch a successful practice with no guesswork involved.

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Built For Success From Day One

from concept to launch

The APX Platform Team, spearheaded by Terri Ross, has more than five decades of experience helping medical spas and plastic surgery practices launch thriving, 7-8+ figure businesses. Their industry-disrupting, 12-month incubator program covers everything you need to know to successfully start up an aesthetic practice from concept to launch for a select group of entrepreneurs. This one-of-a-kind, comprehensive small group program is available at a fraction of the cost of hiring a private consultant.

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“I first started working with Terri and the APX team at the inception of my business idea to create a comprehensive, total body aesthetic and wellness practice. I’m very glad that I did. Their connections within the industry as well as their wonderful knowledge of what it takes to start a practice and be successful in the industry helped me avoid a lot of common mistakes and pitfalls early on in my planning. These assets as well as their ongoing support have continued to drive me forward to the point of opening my practice where we are already very pleased with our success. We continue to work with them for ongoing training both in sales and practice management. I have watched my staff grow and develop under their tutelage. I will always be grateful for what they have done to help us in building the foundation of my practice and I am excited to continue to work with them as we grow!”

MedSpa Start-Up

“My husband and I (a nurse practitioner) have been working with Robbi Grayson and APX throughout the beginning stages of setting up and opening our new medical aesthetics practice. We knew immediately that working with the APX team would be the best business decision we could make. We are starting from the bottom and working our way up and we really feel that with her assistance, we are being set up to have a successful practice from the start and across the finish line in the long run. It is very impressive how thorough Robbi has been throughout our market analysis and into setting up our financials using all the financial calculators they developed in APX. Although we are nervous about starting a business, Chad and I feel like they are doing everything in their power, with integrity and pride, to set us up for success! We look forward to continuing to work with the APX team.”

MedSpa Start-Up

“I only had about 30 minutes to start exploring APX and I am unbelievably surprised and excited. It is so well done and has so much information. Easy to navigate and I was able to connect all my accounts in a few minutes. I am struggling with my team, and I can’t wait to put these training courses to the task. It’s really well done… I didn’t expect anything else. Just wow.”

St. George MedSpa

Terri Ross

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a tried and true method

There are countless questions you may have about starting your own aesthetic practice. Terri and her team offer a tried and true method to ensure that your business is poised for success before you even open your doors with the APX Platform. Eliminate the guesswork of your new endeavor with a methodical, results-driven approach to deliver an optimal experience for your patients and exponentially increase revenue.

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Optimize Your Business

Terri Ross can take your business or company to the next level of success. Whether you’re looking for an exclusive strategy session, private coaching engagement or onsite sales training for your team, Terri has proven methods to help you achieve exponential growth in this incredibly competitive market. Looking to motivate, inspire, and impact your team? Book Terri as a keynote speaker for your next event.


Terri Ross